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Ground Coffee – aromatic classic

Ground Coffee is one of most choosen kind of coffee. Preparation of aromatic cup of coffee is very easy because Ground Coffee you can prepare without brewer

Ground Coffee – which You should choose

Every coffee drinker dream about coffee made of freshly grind beams. You must remember that methods of coffee’s preparations are different and need different level of grinding, , roasting and coffee blends . Generally thickly grinded coffee are use in brewers, classic French Pressi and in alternative methodologies like Chemex or Drip. Averagely grinded coffee are used in italian coffee houses, Aeropresses or in small winch coffee maker. Finely grinded coffee is ideal for turkish coffee.

Ground Coffee in coffee-roasting plant Rigello

Do You need consummately grinded coffee? Your wish is our order. In our family coffee-roasting plant we can deliver especially for You every thickness of coffee grinding You really need. You needn’t worry about that. We will do it in your stead. You will have more time to savour your coffee. You can choose thickness of coffee grinding. We will ideally prepare your coffee for espresso, coffemakers, Chemex, moka pots, , Drip, French Press and turkisch coffee. . Do You want to know more? In Rigello you can be sure that your coffee will be grinded just before delivery, so savour aromatic freshly grinded beams coffee without limits.

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