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Coffee beams – which You should choose?

Coffee Beams come to us from Ethiopia in XVII century. The most popular are Arabica and Robusta. There are also exist different blends but the basic choose is between these two kinds of coffee. The best coffee for coffeemakers must meet some important parameters

What You should acknowledge?
Beams – the best coffee beans come from hand-picked beans and dried in the sun or in wet way sluicing in special pools.
Beam Roasted – the best coffee beams is that one which is roasted just after crops. From the moment of roasted is ideal for drink for about two years.

Choose the best Coffee Beams!

Among Gourmets of coffee are also believers of Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee beams with delicate a bit acidulous flavor. Varieties of Arabica are different and depend on place of crop. Gourmets regard it for its exceptional aroma. Its crop is no so easy because coffee’s shrubberies are very fine. Believers of Arabica say that it is the best coffee for coffeemakers.

Robusta robust flavor. This coffee contain more caffeine than Arabica. Despite it has spicy flavor this kind of coffee has also a lot of believers. It is more efficient to use. Our shop contain Coffee Beams from different regions of the world, the best coffee beams not only for coffeemakers, so everyone find something for himself.

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