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Green Coffe – a moment just before roasting

Green coffee is coffea’s beans which are not subject to roasting process. Raw beans has no such aromatic taste like roasting ones. It is very hard so it’s not good for grinding in traditional grinders. Beans are green because just after crop ripe beans are cut up and dried..

Green coffee – features

Beacause green coffee beans don’t subject to pyrolysis process they have more substances related with slimming. There are around 250 active substances , for instance chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Green coffee is almost perfect for home usage. You can preapare green coffee with pan or oven.

Green coffee how to prepare?

Don’t you know how to prepare green coffee? First of all remember that green coffee beans are not appropriate for electric grinders. For brewing coffee we recommend ground green coffee. You can prepare it in this way: :

2-3 spoons ground green coffee deludge with hot water (180ml, temperature 85°C) If You would like to enrich a taste of coffee You can also add cardamom or cinnamon. Bon appetite!


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